A Writer's Evening Prayer

If I have failed to heed your voice today,
If I have driven any of your thoughts away,
If I have written my own willful way:
Dear Lord, forgive!

If I have written idle words or vain,
If I have worked for earthly gain,
If my words should bring one soul pain,
Dear Lord, forgive!

If I appropriated words not mine,
If I failed to give a credit line,
If I've cast my pearls before swine,
Dear Lord, forgive!

If I've failed in substance or in style,
If in anything I've stooped to guile,
If I've failed at all to win your smile,
Dear Lord, forgive!

Forgive the sins I have confessed to you,
Forgive the sins I don't know I do,
And make my writing both good and true;
All else forgive.


(based on “An Evening Prayer,” by C. Maud Battersby)


Another morning and I wake with thirst for the goodness I do not have.

Oh Lord, grant me a little more time.

(a prayer by Mary Oliver)

That They May Gain What Has Been Promised

My prayer today for my kids and my grandkids, from the "31 Ways to Pray for Your Kids" app for iPhone and iPad.

May We Follow You On the Pilgrim Way of Lent

Jesus, may we follow you on the pilgrim way of Lent,
May we journey with you into the wilderness,
Willing to move beyond the ordinary,
So that we can discover your unexpected sacred places.

Jesus, may we wash our hands and purify our hearts,
Learning to thirst after righteousness and hunger after justice,
May we humble ourselves before you,
Expecting to see you revealed in a new light.

Jesus, may we walk with you no matter how challenging the path,
Learning to be patient with darkness and growth,
Willing to live with not knowing,
Until your mustard seeds take root and sprout into life.

(from GodSpace)

Being There

Folks will cross my path today
and ask for my time,
seek my company,
lean on my shoulder,
tell me their story,
reach for my help,
reveal their grief,
share their joy,
request my prayer,
look for a smile,
shed a tear,
and need a friend...

May I be there for them, Lord,
as you're always there for me...


I'll meet folks today who'll offer
to give me their time,
walk by my side,
lift me up,
hear me out,
lend me a hand,
bear my grief,
share my joy,
promise their prayer,
smile upon me,
dry my tears,
and be my friend...

Open me up to their love, Lord,
as I open my heart to yours...

(a prayer from A Concord Pastor Comments; art

Make Me Discontented

O God,
make me discontented with things the way they are in the world,
and in my own life.
Make me notice the stains when people get spilled on.
Make me care about children and adults in poverty,
the misfit at work,
the people crammed into the mental hospital,
the men, women, and youth behind bars.

Jar my complacency,
expose my excuses,
get me involved in the life of my city and world.

Give me integrity once more, O God,
as we seek to be changed and transformed,
with a new understanding and awareness of
our common humanity.

(a prayer by Robert Raines, adapted; found by way of Leonard Sweet's Facebook page. Photo via everystockphoto.com)